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Badge Academy was established in 2014 to help students and teachers with their technology skills. The Badge.Academy is skill based and was designed to be a scope and sequence for learning and teaching.  


Badge.Academy is  open to all who wish to Learn, Earn & Display. To keep this great academy running Badge.Academy encourages you to share this resource with your colleagues, friends and parents. Feedback is always welcome.

Tser Lin

Along the way you may see the name Tser Lin. That’s me above. I am the creator and writer of Badge.Academy. I started off as a primary school teacher then moved across into the world of Tech. I am a Technology Consultant that loves to fuse together technology and education. #realinnovation


I spend my time as an consultant – helping out schools, teachers and students with implementing technlogy into learning.  If you want to know more about what I do simply click here.

The Sombrero

Hola Badge.Academy enthusiasts!


The Sombrero is the Badge.Academy’s logo. It was chosen and designed simply because it’s a quality hat.




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